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Providing You the Management Services for Your Construction Project

Management Solutions offers a full range of services to support your construction projects. We support and understand all construction parties whether Government client, Private Owner, Developer, Designer, General Contractor or Subcontractor.  We are able to leverage our experience to achieve optimal project outcomes.  Here are some of the ways we can work with you.

Owner Representation

Most Owners are not construction professionals.  Navigating the construction project for optimal time, cost and quality outcomes can be difficult.  Management Solutions professionals can work with you to realize your needs and recommend the best options to achieve them.

Working with our owners from project conception, we are able to assist in developing Owner expectations while being aware of the market in which we work.  We can assist in the determination of best project delivery methods.  Management Solutions can work with you to establish budgets and schedules.  We will work with you to tailor Proposal Requests to best meet the expectations of your project.  We can assist in evaluating responses for responses best meeting RFP requirements.  Management Solutions can work with you to negotiate and develop contracts.  We can work with you throughout  the project to establish best practices for all areas including changes, budget, schedule, and communications.  We can provide knowledgeable people to review the construction as it is placed to ensure contract quality requirements are being achieved.  We will work with you to evaluate and negotiate changes.  And through until the end, we can assist in the development and evaluation of final inspections, as-built documentation, operations and maintenance manuals, and warranty execution.

Schedule Management

From the start, establishing a reasonable schedule can set forth expectations.  Achieving these expectations is possible with development of a schedule that is complete, realistic in logic and duration, and constructed with best practices to accurately reflect progress as it is achieved.  Schedules can be a valuable tool in determining opportunities to advance a project when necessary or desired.  Management Solutions can help with establishing the original timeline based upon the scope of the project.  We can work with you to establish an itemized, resource loaded schedule to assist in tracking and planning your project.  We can provide regular evaluation and updating.  We can facilitate discussion to determine opportunities that may exist with the schedule.  We can assist in reviewing and compiling contractor schedules to ensure all facets of the work are captured.  We can evaluate the schedule pertinent to changes and how these impact time and cost.

Cost and Change Management

Management Solutions can work with parties to establish and evaluate cost.  For those regularly involved in construction projects, we can evaluate as-built project costs to assist in planning for future projects. We are able to provide assistance through all phases of the project from inception through close-out.  Expectations of project cost are essential to starting any project from funding and financing to expenditures and payments.  We can work with you to establish budgets – and refine them as scope is developed achieving better accuracy.  We can work with the contractor to estimate your project and review to ensure that all aspects of the scope are included.  We can evaluate progress to ensure estimates and payments are reasonable for the work being performed.  We can work with you to provide budgetary numbers for a change, and evaluate changes to ensure the scope of the change is captured – and not exceeded.  We can assist in negotiating the time and cost for that change. We can provide regular checks on the project to ensure it is proceeding per plan – or ahead or behind.  We can help evaluate how to get your project back on track.

Constructability Reviews

By cross-checking all contract documents, discrepancies and issues arising from interface issues between disciplines can be identified to minimize impacts to budget and schedule.  Management Solutions can work with design teams and owners to identify and address potential problem areas and provide recommendations to overcome these issues.  We can review documents after revisions have been made to confirm revisions are applied across all trades and evaluate if new issues may have arisen due to identified revisions.

Claims Analysis

Management Solutions can assess the viability of claims or where claim conditions may be anticipated.  Through complete schedule, cost, and conditions analysis, we are able to evaluate these issues.  When these issues are confronted early, impacts can be fully realized early permitting open and honest communications often minimizing conflict and reducing progressive impacts.  Should the claim evolve to formal submission or formal dispute, Management Solutions is able to provide complete analysis for presentation.

Value Engineering

As design progresses, we are able to work with you and your design teams to recommend revisions to specification and design that minimize cost while achieving Owner objectives for the project.  Through consideration of construction processes, details for installations, and product selections, we are able to provide recommendations for cost savings.  When factoring schedule, cost and quality, we can provide you the trade-off considerations, if there are any, for informed decision making.  We are also able to evaluate life-cycle cost impacts to help you determine break-even points for cost and maintenance.

Risk Management

Evaluating Threats to project success can be just as important as considering opportunities that may be available.  Our Management Solutions team can work with your team to identify risks and implement the processes that best manages those risks.  Management of risk can help in optimizing the resources – including time and money – to achieve optimal outcomes on your projects.

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