Cost and Change Management

Managing Costs for Profitability

Management Solutions can work with parties to establish and evaluate cost. For those regularly involved in construction projects, we can evaluate as-built project costs to assist in planning for future projects. We are able to provide assistance through all phases of the project from inception through close-out. Expectations of project cost are essential to starting any project from funding and financing to expenditures and payments. We can work with you to establish budgets – and refine them as scope is developed achieving better accuracy. We can work with the contractor to estimate your project and review to ensure that all aspects of the scope are included. We can evaluate progress to ensure estimates and payments are reasonable for the work being performed. We can work with you to provide budgetary numbers for a change, and evaluate changes to ensure the scope of the change is captured – and not exceeded. We can assist in negotiating the time and cost for that change. We can provide regular checks on the project to ensure it is proceeding per plan – or ahead or behind. We can help evaluate how to get your project back on track.

Let us help you manage your projects for profitability!

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