Owner Representation

Helping Owners Maximize Construction Value

Most Owners are not construction professionals. Navigating the construction project for optimal time, cost and quality outcomes can be difficult. Management Solutions professionals can work with you to realize your needs and recommend the best options to achieve them.

Working with our owners from project conception, we are able to assist in developing Owner expectations while being aware of the market in which we work. We can assist in the determination of best project delivery methods. Management Solutions can work with you to establish budgets and schedules. We will work with you to tailor Proposal Requests to best meet the expectations of your project. We can assist in evaluating responses for responses best meeting RFP requirements. Management Solutions can work with you to negotiate and develop contracts. We can work with you throughout the project to establish best practices for all areas including changes, budget, schedule, and communications. We can provide knowledgeable people to review the construction as it is placed to ensure contract quality requirements are being achieved. We will work with you to evaluate and negotiate changes. And through until the end, we can assist in the development and evaluation of final inspections, as-built documentation, operations and maintenance manuals, and warranty execution.