Earned Value Project Controls


Evaluating Project Status

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a more structured version of Integrated Cost and Schedule Control that involves a specific set of processed based on the PMBOK and the ANSI/EAI standards.

The Management Solutions team of professionals understands all of the requirements and procedures necessary for implementation of this system. We can help you apply these principles to your organization and projects. Here are just a few of the EVM concerns we can help you resolve:

  • Are you missing the processes or tools to support EVM?
  • Are you required to use EVM but have no real understanding of what that means or how to employ the process?
  • Do you receive EV reports but don’t have the time and/or understanding to evaluate the information?

Management Solutions develops EVMS, including tools, processes and procedures for clients. We work with clients to setup and track project to meet EV requirements. We provide training to project teams to prepare them for EVM. We produce EV reports and provide analysis on project variances, trends, and make recommendations for recovery as needed. We also provide certification and functionality assessments of existing EVMS for clients. We provide assessment and oversight of EV reporting for customers, assessing the accuracy and value of the information being provided.