EVMS Process

Planning, Status Updates, Assessment and Change Control

The EVMS process includes planning, status updates, assessments and change control. The following will provide you with a more detailed definition of each and how our team can help you successfully manage your project through EVMS.


Our project controls team will help you identify and define your project’s scope and document it in an organized structure such as a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The associated schedule and cost estimate to complete the scope will then be defined using that structure. This provides an integrated baseline – or target – against which we can measure the project status as the work progresses.

Status Updates

As your project progresses, our project controls team works with your project team to regularly assess the scope of the project that has been completed, as well as the status and forecast for the Cost and Schedule portions.


The status is compared against the baseline to determine if the project is performing as planned, or is ahead or behind in terms of both cost and schedule. Trends in project performance are then tracked and analyzed. If your project is running behind schedule or over budget, causes of the issues are determined and corrective actions recommended to your project team.

Change Control

Project Controls assures that the changes to a project’s scope, schedule or budget are appropriate and have been approved through the correct channels. Project Controls assures all changes to a project are documented.