Government Project Knowledge

Let Our Unique Experience Help Your Government Projects Succeed

Government owners bring unique requirements to projects. Management Solutions has extensive experience on Government agency projects. We can help you in applying this experience to meet the demanding contract requirements for these submittals, processes and reporting. We can work with you to minimize the impacts to your schedule and costs. Some of the ways we can help your Government projects succeed include:

  • Scheduling processes, reporting and practices that achieve contract requirements
  • Cost reporting and change submissions that achieve maximum results
  • Project funding impacts including fiscal-year limitations, driving schedules out and costs up

Project administration costs can be significantly higher than commercial industry necessitating thoughtful consideration Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) that can work for your projects to meet the requirements of ANSI, OMB, DOD, DOE and your contract.  We can prepare and maintain resource-loaded schedules in the software versions and formats requested, including earned value.

Management Solutions knows federal project management requirements and can help ensure your schedules and submittals receive quick approval.