Provides Upper Management with Snapshot View of Project Health

Data Dashboards:

  • Supply project data in real time
  • Highlight Project Performance Indicators and Performance Trending
  • Allow offsite personnel to dig into project performance detail to identify potential problem areas and improve overall project management

We create our Dashboards and business intelligence solutions to display data in the SharePoint framework regardless of their source, developing custom interfaces that link your existing accounting, financial, purchasing, and project management software systems to maximize your existing IT investments.

Dashboard Data Indicators:

  • Schedule percent complete (planned and actual)
  • Cost percent complete (planned and actual)
  • Near critical activities percentage (NCAP)
  • BOD (original, current, forecast)
  • Data date
  • Schedule type
  • Schedule quality
  • Narrative (variance analysis, impacts, corrective action)

Benefits of Dashboard:

  • Removes subjectivity – What does the data say?
  • Proactive - Allows identification of troubled projects early so that management focus can be applied and action taken
  • Improves communication – everyone in the management chain can access the data needed to assess and manage projects. Bad projects can’t hide.
  • Flexible system – easily tailored to present information of interest; not a static tool
  • Not a “contractor-only” performance tool
    • Shows the real status of the overall project, including government-caused delays
  • Strong correlation between good contractor schedules and good schedule performance
    • Accurate data - Strong project performance
    • Inaccurate data – Poor project performance
  • Links to detailed analysis for more detail
  • Provides baseline and sequential data so that relative comparisons can be made
  • Pulls data from contractor’s schedule (quickly)
    • Not full blown analysis, but “what to question, where to prod”