Integrated Cost and Schedule Control

Develop, Track, Assess and Utilize Project Status Information To Meet Project Objectives

  • Do you not have a consistent way to view the project budget, cost and forecast information?
  • Do you not have time-phased cost information to help provide funding needs and workload backlog information?
  • Are you stuck trying to figure out how to properly view information across all projects?
  • Is the contractor or vendor slowing you down? Do you have any way to assess the impact of delays by outside groups or agencies?

Integrated Cost and Schedule Control helps project professionals to clearly define project scope and build a cost and schedule against that scope. Our Project Controls professionals develop, track, assess and utilize project status information in order to successfully meeting your project objectives.


Project Controls starts with the planning stages of your project. We will clearly define and identify the scope of your project and develop the associated schedule and cost estimates to complete the work.

Status Updates

As projects progress, our team works with the entire project team to regularly assess the scope of the project that has been completed, as well as the status and forecasts for the Cost and Schedule portions.


Status updates are then compared against the baseline to determine if the project is performing as planned, or is ahead or behind in terms of cost and schedule. Trends in project performance are tracked and analyzed.

We provide Cost and Schedule Control for a wide range of projects and a wide array of clients ranging from large government organization to small 8A firms. We work with PMs to help monitor and control project progress and proactively identify potential issues. This allows the PM to focus on technical issues and client relations. We deliver PM and upper management visibility into project status and issues, as well as provide a structure for strategic planning and management.