What Sets Us Apart

Management Solutions delivers customized and sustainable performance management consulting services to a wide variety of government agencies and commercial businesses. Unlike many more general management consulting firms that employ recent college graduates to generate generic reports, Management Solutions is made up of veteran engineers and business analysts who apply advanced technologies and engineering practices to provide value far beyond a stated scope of work. Our firm is committed to a culture of innovation that fosters creative thinking and advances efforts to create enhanced economic and business value for every client.

Extensive Experience

Our proven track record of success is what sets us apart. We are passionate about execution, and the results show.  We have extensive experience working with both government and commercial clients on medium to large-sized (over $8 billion) projects. Our clients choose us because they have confidence in our people, services, and ability to deliver value.

Optimized Outcomes

We have an award-winning management approach that drives sustainable solutions and improves organizational performance, revenue generation, and costs reduction. By creating and customizing the right solution for each situation, we enable our clients to deliver their projects on-time on-budget.

Collaborative Culture

We are committed to listening to our clients’ needs and goals and working alongside them to provide and execute innovative solutions for their project needs. We passionately strive to be valued partners with our clients and good corporate and community citizens where we live, work, and play.

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