The Challenge 

Our client was a Department of Energy (DOE) agency. An area of the client’s site had facilities being used that were more than fifty years old. The client wanted to modernize the area, but do so in a manner that supported the future growth and objectives of the agency. The client needed project management support to develop an effective modernization plan.

The Strategy 

Management Solutions managed the project to develop an actionable modernization plan for the client’s facilities. Our team determined the scope of the effort and identified the key stakeholders that were involved.  We then partnered with the client to determine the status of current operations and existing facilities, as well as assess future facility needs. We managed the communications process with stakeholders and provided project support specific to space use and facility consolidation analysis. All activities for the project were scheduled by Management Solutions team members.

The Outcome

An actionable modernization plan was developed for the client. The plan was well-received by client management, and incremental execution of the plan has begun.