The Challenge

Our client was Department of Defense agency responsible for managing a restoration program at an army facility. Once work began at the site, the client quickly recognized that interference from other site contractors was causing schedule delays and increasing overall costs of the work. These interferences did not allow for effective coordination of work and caused unnecessary delays and re-work. Additionally, the restoration program’s activities across the 21,000 acre facility were continually impacted by other federal agency projects ongoing at the site.  All of these factors resulted in a very complex master schedule for the overall restoration program. Our client’s management needed the capability to monitor the status of the Program against schedule at a high level, as well as be able to drill down to more detail when necessary in order to investigate particular scenarios.

The Strategy

Management Solutions partnered with client staff to identify the data and reporting needs for the Program. The client stakeholders mapped out what they wanted to see on the Digital Dashboard – specific items such as Critical Status, Current Status, and Variances. The key data points from within the Primavera P6 software were identified, as well as the process for integrating the data into a web-based Digital Dashboard. Our professional staff designed, developed, and tested the web-interface between Primavera P6 and the Dashboard reporting tool.

The Outcome

A web-based Dashboard and reporting tool was developed for the client to help them manage the restoration program. The Digital Dashboard tool provided live access to the updated Master Program Schedule and all Look Ahead schedules to the Project Team and other key stakeholders. The Digital Dashboard tool included all standard reports for the program and individual projects, including Critical Impact, Status Updates, and Variance reports, for analysis, planning, and determining corrective actions. Our client continues to currently utilize the tool to manage the ongoing activities of the program.