Providing expertise, tools and resources to manage significant change requests for Global Engineering Services firm multi-million dollar project

The Challenge

Our client was a large, global engineering services firm, responsible for the design-build of the facilities and infrastructure on complex, multi-million dollar project sponsored by the United States Air Force. The project was a one of a kind design-build endeavor for our client, which produced both high visibility and high risk. Due to the high level of technical complexity, the project generated a large number of change requests. The client needed an effective way to manage the change requests in order to help avoid cost escalation and revenue loss for the project.

The Outcome

Management Solutions support resulted in many of the client’s change requests being accepted and additional monies awarded to the project. We enabled our client to process a significantly greater number of change proposals – an estimated $7-10 million with the Air Force at any given time for evaluation. This resulted in a huge “win” for our client by providing them with the expertise, tools and resources to manage this endeavor.