Management Solutions is thrilled to begin the third year of our contract to provide administrative support services to the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management (OREM), under the leadership of Project Manager, Tiffany Hearn.

Just as a journey is only as smooth as its terrain, a mission is only as effective as its path to execution. Ms. Hearn and her expert team continue to excel in assisting OREM with necessary administrative tasks including records management, technical editing, and all aspects of correspondence that support OREM’s mission to protect the region’s health and environment. While this may not be the most glamorous work, it is essential for operational excellence. Hearn and her team take an efficient, ‘management approach’ to help OREM meet their deliverables and ensure that foundational operations run smoothly.

Management Solutions has been a catalyst for improved communication between OREM and DOE, by introducing tools for remote access and departmental growth. Furthermore, we have applied cost and time savings measures by improving project files maintenance, retirement, and disposition procedures.  

Ms. Hearn credits her dedicated team with delivering extraordinary value related to scheduling and budget by implementing a Peer Review Editing process to ensure the accuracy of deliverables and documentation. This process has yielded an 80% improvement rate, providing vital support for DOE/contractor communication and significant time savings. 

According to Ms. Hearn, “Perhaps our greatest impact has been in cost, time, and manpower savings. We initiated a cross-training procedure for staff to prevent loss of productivity due to resource absence, resulting in a remarkable 100% coverage of work throughout the pandemic.”

Management Solutions’ contribution to OREM’s objective of establishing management/operational excellence is reflected in our Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR), where Ms. Hearn received a rating of Exceptional for Management.  The CPAR praised the Project Manager for maintaining “communication of expectations and implementation of new improvements that have been instrumental in making certain that office managers and staff are working more efficiently.”  Furthermore, the CPAR cites the Project Manager’s “diligent work to ensure that unexpected vacancies are promptly backfilled with qualified individuals and ensure that he/she are properly trained.” 

We look forward to our continued support of OREM, helping to advance their mission to make clean land available for future use and development.