The Challenge

Our client was a commercial construction contractor that needed support in prioritizing the areas of work on a 76,000 square foot facility expansion for an automotive parts manufacturer. The primary issue for our client was the lack of a true critical path on the project schedule. The project included areas of slippage that could have potentially resulted in the client missing intermediate milestones and subsequent penalties, but the longest path did not include those milestones. This made identifying those activities that needed more focus a challenge.

The Outcome

Management Solutions worked closely with the client on the best solution. The team reviewed the data and organized it in a way that highlighted the best approach to move forward. Rather than modifying the existing project schedule and potentially creating new issues, our staff worked with the client and determined a simple layout showing the critical project milestones and created a concise report with all of the necessary information. The changes eliminated confusion from the weekly status update meetings. The client team was able to easily identify the areas of concern on the project and quickly determine the best path forward. With discussions streamlined, the weekly update meetings were more productive and the client was able to perform better in the field.