Government standards require contracting organizations to maintain an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) to embed scope, scheduling, and cost management tools into their project delivery.

While implementing EVM may pose challenges, having an EVMS in place is crucial not only to achieve compliance but to ensure data-driven decision-making. EVM done right helps projects stay on track and improves project success rates.

Management Solutions offers an unsurpassed breadth of knowledge and depth of experience to meet clients’ needs for comprehensive EVMS implementation support, including gap analysis, CAM training, compliance assessment, and internal surveillance reviews.

The Challenge

A world-class fusion energy research laboratory managed by a top-tier university for the Department of Energy (DOE) tasked Management Solutions to perform an EVMS internal surveillance review.  This review evaluates whether the practices, procedures and documentation of the client are compliant with guidelines of the Electronic Industry Alliance’s (EIA) 748 D Standard guidelines for Earned Value Management Systems. It also assesses whether the corrective actions taken in response to a previous DOE Commissioned EVMS Certification and prior surveillance review have been effectively and sustainably implemented.

The Strategy

Management Solutions’ experts have a firm grasp of DOE guidelines for EVMS specifications, but also nuanced insight into the unique aspects of how and why a particular client facility might depart from those guidelines due to the intricacies of their mission. “Our approach is first to research and listen,” says Paul Darling, PMP, Senior Project Manager, “then we find the areas where the client’s procedures have strayed from the guidelines, and we provide a clear plan to fix what needs to be fixed.”

We conduct EVMS surveillance to answer the following questions effectively and efficiently:

  1. Do project practices, procedures and documentation comply with the EVMS/EIA 748 D Standard guideline requirements?
  2. Is the data accurate, timely and reliable?
  3. Have corrective actions taken been effectively and sustainably implemented?

“It’s important that the client is not just aware of the departure, but that they receive training customized to their specific needs to align their procedures with standards,” says Darling.

An integral component of this procedural alignment is Control Account Manager (CAM) training. “The CAM monitors and reports – they’re the bridge between executing and managing,” says Darling. “We create training packages including presentations with notes and scripts to convey specific knowledge to improve CAMs’ abilities to perform their missions.”

Our Advantage

We bring:

  • Expert knowledge of EVMS fundamentals
  • Industry-leading expertise in the development of comprehensive training programs
  • Decades of experience in the application of EVMS at a wide array of DOE sites including LANL, ORNL, CNS, Sandia, and more.

With Management Solutions, clients receive a meticulously crafted, tailor-made solution that teams can use to enhance project performance and achieve compliance sustainably.