The Challenge

Our client was a prime contractor responsible for a large Department of Energy (DOE) environmental remediation project. Per DOE requirements, the client was required to an annual self-surveillance of their Earned Value Management System. At the time of their self-surveillance, revisions to the DOE Earned Value Management System Implementation Handbook (EVMSIH) were in draft stage. The client wanted to conduct the self-surveillance using the new standards in the EVMSIH.

The Strategy

Management Solutions supported the client’s EVMS review team on the self-surveillance. The project included reviewing the client’s EVMS documentation and processes, performing data traces and analysis, and conducting project team interviews to assess the level of compliance of the client’s EVMS and identify potential vulnerabilities.

The review team performed the following assessments:

Compliance of the client’s EVMS to the EVMSIH Lines of Inquiry (LOIs) for 17 of the 32 ANSI/EIA EVM guidelines, including the high risk guidelines.

Data traces using 3 months of data from 5 selected control accounts of varying type of work to validate compliance with the guidelines.

Schedule reviews to ensure compliance with the EVM guidance.

Review of project artifacts for compliance with the guidelines and validation that the documentation reflects current use of the system.

Control Account Manager (CAM) interviews to assess compliance with the procedures, the CAM’s knowledge of EVMS, and applications to their work scope.

The Outcome

Each LOI for the selected guidelines was evaluated for intent and validation requirements. The team was able to successfully perform the review and provide our client with feedback on the impact the new LOIs would have, as well as identify areas which they may wish to discuss with PMOA on the requirements and underlying intent of some of the LOIs. This information helped facilitate communication between DOE and its other prime contractors, as the agency worked to finalize the EVMSIH.