The Challenge

Our client was a prime contractor for a Department of Energy agency. The client was managing a $200 million renovation to a key facility for the agency – including equipment and conventional facilities construction. This project was one the most visible projects at the DOE agency because of a) its cost and b) the project will pave the way for a future multi-billion dollar facility project. Because the project involved complex technologies being managed by nearby client managers, and because most installations needed to occur within operational power outage periods, putting together a resource-loaded CD-1 schedule that could pass a DOE review in a short time frame proved to be a challenge.

The Strategy

Management Solutions partnered with the client in preparing a CD-1 package necessary for securing DOE approval and funding to begin the project (CD-1 establishes a preliminary cost range and end date for the project). Our professional staff helped the client divide the effort into manageable work efforts and set-up a process for managing issues. We resolved a technical issue with Primavera P6 that helped the client better input large amounts of data into the project schedule. Management Solutions staff then met with many of the projects engineers and scientists to understand scope, schedule activities, and resource needs. We were responsible for that the overall schedule was well integrated, had a valid critical path, and met DOE quality standards.

The Outcome

The first official review was an Independent Cost Review (ICR). A team of reviewers from DOE headquarters came specifically to drill into the project’s cost and schedule details and evaluate the soundness of the project plan. After the three-day review, the team received very high marks for the quality of the cost and schedule package at such an early stage of the project.

Management Solutions and our client are awaiting the final DOE CD-1 Review in hopes of receiving final approval to begin the project’s designs and advanced procurements. We are actively working with the client to prepare the package for the final review.