The Challenge:  

Our client was experiencing delays in “time-to-resolution” for calls made to their IT help desk for both hardware and software support. Delays were experienced because the knowledge needed to field requests was from multiple sources and was heavily dependent on each IT help desk employee knowing where to look for relevant information. This also impacted length of time to train new Service Desk employees. Management Solutions was tasked with developing a single-source location for service desk knowledge in a central Knowledge Repository that is easy to create, use, and maintain with existing time-limited resources.

The Outcome:  

Management Solutions used a customized application selection process to identify and develop a single repository/location for the IT help desk that also houses all documentation.  This solution fast-tracked responses to IT issues and reduced the on-boarding for new technicians. The Management Solutions team ensured active stakeholder/end-user participation and enthusiasm by applying excellent people skills and change management expertise.