Client achieves success validating & effectively managing multiple time impact extension requests

The Challenge

Our client was a Department of Defense agency. The client’s project consisted of the excavation and construction of nine Upstream Concrete Monoliths for a new 132,000 square foot Lock. The construction of the nine monoliths to partial height would ensure a stable configuration of the site until the next construction contract could be awarded. The project was complex and experienced delays due to multiple issues. As a result of the delays, the client had to determine the validity of the time extension requests from multiple contractors.

The Strategy

Management Solutions supported the Project Team with analysis of the baseline schedule submissions from the contractors for compliance with the client’s specification requirements. The schedules were analyzed for actual vs planned progress, adjustments to logic and re-sequencing, adjustments to original and remaining durations, and forecasts based on trending data. Using our analysis, we were able to then determine the true impact of the claims and modifications on the contractors. Time Impact Analyses were performed to validate the requested time extension requests. Management Solutions then assisted the Project Team in the preparation of “What-If” schedule analysis to minimize potential impacts of changes to the critical path and overall project.

The Outcome

Using key indicators such as Critical Path Performance Index (CPPI), Near Critical Activity Percentage (NCAP), and other industry standard measurements, accurate assessments of the forecasted completion for each contract, compression of work, and a crosscheck of work performance versus current billing, Management Solutions helped the client in making actionable decisions. Our team helped the client manage the execution of modifications and re-baselining of the schedule that was necessary to regain control of the project. The client was also able to validate and effectively manage the multiple time impact extension requests.