Knoxville, TN — August 25, 2020 — Management Solutions, a national award-winning performance management and consulting services firm, today announced significant company growth led by several important contract wins from some of the nation’s largest government agencies. As a result, the company has increased its workforce by a remarkable 25% despite the economic impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. 

Throughout the first half of 2020, Management Solutions secured new significant contracts with long-standing customers the Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the United States Army Corps of Engineers as well as Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS), which operates Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN.

“This is truly an unprecedented time for the economy and for businesses everywhere, but we have continued to demonstrate the value we bring to our customers, and as a result have been able to create jobs for talented people,” said Misty Mayes, CEO of Management Solutions. “Our growth is a direct result of the trust we’ve built with over 18 years of experience working with large government contractors, and it has enabled us to emerge as a leader in providing skilled project controls/project management professionals. There is a tremendous skills and talent gap in this sector, with nearly 15 million project management roles to be filled right now. Management Solutions continues to be a leader in the effort to fill this shortage.”

In addition to being awarded new contracts, the company launched a new subsidiary in June called Project Controls Solutions, a premier project controls training, workforce development and recruiting firm. Project Controls Solutions was created to meet the overwhelming need to identify, train and deploy the next generation of project controls specialists.

“I asked my team two key questions very early on in the pandemic,” said Mayes. “First, we needed to determine what decisions had to be made immediately in anticipation of persistent quarantines and lockdowns; second, we had to project what needs our clients and prospects would have in order to actively support their businesses in recovering from the pandemic.”

“Our answer to both questions was that there was a need to stay the course—concentrate on our engagement, stay focused, be persistent and continue to implement the growth plan that was established for 2020. That approach has paid off and our new contracts are evidence of that.”

About Management Solutions

Management Solutions is a national award-winning performance management and consulting services firm that specializes in improving organizational performance through proven sustainable solutions, customized to meet its clients and partners’ needs. Management Solutions consistently delivers significant cost reductions, improved efficiencies, expedited project completion and increased business value to its clients. Its Gold Standard performance management and consulting services ensure its clients the best, most reliable and innovative business solutions.