A large federal nuclear facility did not have an integrated standard formal outage process. The informal outage process has resulted in failed outages, higher project and operations costs, inefficient management of systems maintenance and unplanned production interruptions.


Management Solutions integrated project management, organizational change management, and process improvement services to develop and implement a site-wide outage process. To meet short-term needs as well as ensure long-term success, the project was broken into two phases.

  • During the first phase, Management Solutions analyzed the organization, its current processes, tools, and improvement efforts. Then, in order to identify key risks and strategic opportunities, Management Solutions evaluated the impact of the desired change on the organization, leading to a recommendation based in change management best practices. Our firm went beyond providing a report – we created a process map, developed a customized web tool for ongoing outage management, and produced a new outage program procedure.
    • We assembled a team of key stakeholders to perform all assessments consistent with six sigma practices to collaboratively develop a future state process.
    • We completed an assessment of current state and desired state project, developed a change management process, and produced a report with immediate recommendations to close the gaps between the current and desired state, as well as identifying and making recommendations for related risks and opportunities.
    • We developed organizational change management plans based upon the change management assessment that guided organization through stakeholder’s responsibility, communication, coaching, mentoring and resistance management.
    • We engaged key stakeholders throughout development of the outage program procedure to ensure our recommendations could be implemented.
  • During our second phase, we produced a standardized, scalable outage program optimization plan for scheduling and coordinating on-line work and off-line outages across the facilities. Throughout this phase, the team continued to engage with key stakeholders such as Systems Engineers, Facility Managers, Outage Managers, Project Managers, Contractors, Maintenance Integration leads, Maintenance planners, Engineers, Production Operations, Infrastructure Team, and Project Controllers to achieve managed change outcomes. The team used the change management plans to make affected stakeholders aware of the need to change, empowering them with the knowledge and ability to change, and providing continuous reinforcement to ensure the change was sustainable.

Tasks / Deliverables

  • Developed an organizational change management assessment for the organization and the desired change.
    • Evaluated core strengths of project management, change management and sponsorship
    • Quantitatively determined the organizations readiness for change and the magnitude of the desired change itself.
  • Developed and implemented all major change management plans.
  • Developed a Program Management Maturity Model assessment and related process improvement support to develop a strategic roadmap to develop, implement, and sustain the outage process
    • Evaluate and Optimize Performance Indicators to measure the outage program maturity
  • Evaluated the outage process and map the current and future state
    • Investigate current process and workflows, including but not limited to, impact assessments to stakeholders like systems engineering, work order and outage creation, outage execution and report out, approval workflow, and the interface with divisions.
    • Develop proposed, initial process map, description, and other supporting documentation
  • Evaluated the existing outage process description
    • Evaluated the outage process description to incorporate the outage process map deliverables to include:
      • Outage Requests (Facility Management Enterprise System (FMES))
      • Long Range Outage Plan
      • Outage Scope
      • Outage milestones and Outage Plans
      • Outage Execution
      • Outage Documentation and Lessons Learned
      • Evaluate the level of approvals by the Outage Review Board
      • Evaluate the current outage tools, checklists, templates, and provide optimization approaches