We provide forensic analysis to help our clients effectively manage project claims and save money

The Challenge

Our client was a municipal airport authority responsible for managing a construction improvement project at the airport. At the conclusion of the project, a claim in excess of $1 million was brought against the airport authority by one of the construction contractors on the project. The contractor claimed that the lost economic value to the company was a direct result of time delays caused by the airport authority. The claim progressed until the point it entered into legal proceedings.

The Outcome

Management Solutions supported the airport authority with forensic analysis on the project schedule and expert testimony during court hearings. The contractor’s claim was for delay damages associated with efficiency impacts caused by the client based on a Measured Mile method of determining productivity impacts. Our team provided a detailed review and analysis of the project documentation and data submitted by the contractor to confirm as reasonable with validation of presented cost values. Management Solutions forensic analysis and expert testimony resulted in significant cost savings for our client. Based upon our review and analysis of the contractor’s claim, and of the data used for the Measured Mile model, the resulting recommended maximum settlement value was only 12% of the original value being claimed by the contractor.