The Challenge 

Our client was a non-profit focused on advancing scientific and technical research and education. As a research entity, the client had limited experience with project controls and project management. Yet, due to the various funding sources and project types, the environment in which the client managed projects was complex. They needed help in setting up processes and systems by which projects could be prioritized and managed effectively.

The Strategy 

Management Solutions assisted the client in the development of a position description and evaluation criteria for the position of Project Management Office (PMO) Manager. We provided senior client management, including the new PMO Manager, with a plan for setup/implementation of an effective PMO and then helped the client communicate the vision for the PMO to all stakeholders.

 The Management Solutions team assessed the client’s project management systems and information needs for all levels of management reporting. This work consisted of a series of interviews, identification and analysis of existing systems, and reviews of current procedures, processes and outputs for project management and control. Recommendations on the appropriate Project Management systems were then developed and presented to management. After the client selected their preferred option, our team developed a detailed plan to implement tools and processes to support the PMO.

The Outcome 

Management Solutions partnered with the client to implement a Project Management Office. We worked to provide systems for various levels of projects using the client preferred tools. We developed supporting processes and procedures for the client to allow for consistency across the organization. Our team continues to support the PMO Director with on-going operations of the office.