The Challenge

A Department of Defense client tasked Management Solutions LLC with the preparation of Finding and Determination of Eligibility (FDE) documents for eighty (80) Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) properties all over the USA that are lacking eligibility documentation in support of an audit of program completeness. The work includes the preparation of Inventory Project Reports (INPRs) at select sites once the FDEs and other supporting assessments are completed. MSLLC performs day-to-day project management of the process, archival research, final production of all project deliverables while overseeing staff from our primary subcontractor.

The Strategy

 When a potential FUDS property is identified, the real estate records and historical background of the property are evaluated to determine if the property is eligible. The eligibility determination is documented in an FDE and signed by the geographic military Division Commander.

After holding kick-off meetings for the client team in eight (8) districts, MSLLC assesses client needs and challenges. Work includes: ·Perform a Data Gap Analysis on available information from the client dataset. ·Perform database and archive research and prepare FDE Contract Submittals for eighty (80) sites in eight (8) geographical Districts. ·Prepare Monthly Progress Reports and Schedule Updates. ·Hold Monthly Progress Meetings to ensure stakeholder engagement.