Project Controls Expo is the world’s largest Project Controls event dedicated to the advancement of project controls. The virtual event took place from September 14-16. Management Solutions and its subsidiary, Project Controls Solutions, were delighted to support this global event as Gold Sponsors and hosted a session each day.

Management Solutions and Project Controls Solutions’ priorities are to address issues through drawing from decades of engineering expertise. We specialize in improving organizational performance through proven, sustainable solutions customized to meet our clients’ needs. 

Among the sessions hosted by Management Solutions and Project Controls Solutions, topics included digital opportunities in construction, a forensic analysis case study and soft skills in relation to the project management industry. 

The Masterclass Zone at Project Controls Expo featured Diego Guevara, Regional Manager at Deloitte, and Misty Mayes, CEO of Management Solutions and Project Controls Solutions. They shared the evolution towards Industry 4.0 and the digital disruption that is occurring in the construction industry around the world. This session covered the consequences of trends that were born out of this evolution and looked at different digital innovations through the project lifecycle. 

“Because of our experience in construction management and specifically our expertise with construction scheduling/BIM 4D best practices, we were able to really compliment all the technological capabilities Deloitte has,” Mayes shared.  “It made for a great team presentation.” 

Michelle Banner, Principal Project Controls Trainer at Project Controls Solutions, wrapped up Management Solutions and Project Controls Solutions’ sessions for the Project Controls Virtual Expo. This presentation, “Soft Skills Don’t Make Money?” was in the Masterclass Zone and explained how combining essential soft skills with the technical skills needed in the project management industry increases the likelihood of projects delivering significant cost reductions, improved efficiencies, expedited project completion and increased business value.

Engagement from delegates during the session consisted of insightful questions and advice about leveraging softer skills in their environments. The feedback and comments acknowledged Project Controls Solutions’ passion and commitment to teaching both technical and behavioral aspects of project controls. 

The delegates shared the following feedback:
“Excellent presentation, thank you! A refreshing addition to the usual and predictable project presentations.” 
“Fantastic talk, thank you very much. We need more people like you in business!” 

Management Solutions and Project Controls Solutions are honored to have taken part in the 2021 Project Controls Virtual Expo. We are thankful for the opportunity to support the world’s largest Project Controls event as Gold Sponsors, as well as having the opportunity to showcase what we offer and deliver talks in the Masterclass and Case Studies zones. Although this year’s virtual expo has come to a close, we are looking forward to continuing the excitement at the UK Project Controls Expo at Wembley Stadium on November 15th and 16th. Register for this event at 

The goal of the world’s largest Project Controls event, Project Controls Expo—both virtual and in-person—is to be recognized globally as a platform in leading the development and continuing the advancement of the Project Controls profession through creating opportunities to bring the global community together. The expansion and enhancement of their offerings to a range of professionals, enable them to view project controls as a career opportunity and focus on growth to close the skill gaps in the industry for the future. 

This event is dedicated to its advancement of utilizing innovative technology to extend and develop the sharing of networking and knowledge around the world and establish a global footprint, intertwining the community of project controls to achieve the mission. Their objective is to provide significant awareness regarding the process, tools and techniques for stakeholders while highlighting the value of project controls and the potential impact when used effectively.