Management Solutions develops, implements and maintains Earned Value Compliant Systems.

The Federal Government has recognized that greater visibility and understanding of project performance increases the likelihood of project success. Therefore, an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) is commonly required on U.S. federal government agency projects and has a growing number of companies in the commercial sector that are adopting EVMS for their projects.

At Management Solutions, we help our government clients with the design, development and implementation of an EVMS, which is fully compliant with the EIA-748 standards for EVMS and capable of independent federal agency certification. Our team of experts also compares contractor-developed EVMS with federal requirements to support self-certification and ensure your systems are ready for agency certification.

Want the value of EVMS without all the rigor? Consider Earned Value Lite

How Management Solutions’ Expertise and Experience with Earned Value Management Systems can serve your business

Successful EVMS Self-Surveillance project for an environmental remediation project facilitating valuable communication between the DOE and other prime contractors

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