When CEO, Misty Mayes dreamt of starting Project Controls Solutions and its flagship certificate program, Project Controls Training Institute (PCTI), it began primarily as a desire to create well-paying, sustainable careers for aspiring project controllers – especially those in rural or economically disadvantaged regions.  As the plan began to unfold, she soon realized it would be more than meaningful work for people, but that it would also provide a solution to the country’s as well as the world’s growing project management and project controls talent shortage.   

Launched in the middle of a pandemic, the premier project controls training, workforce development, and recruiting firm have expanded its offerings to both Government agencies and commercial clients across the country and the globe. 

Project Controls Training Institute (PCTI) is initiating another class of graduates who will be leaving the program as competent and holistically trained project controls professionals. There are multiple graduates who have ascended into full time positions where they will continue their development alongside more senior staff members. 

Brooke Sodahl is one such graduate. With a background in business, Brooke enrolled in the PCTI to further develop her knowledge in project controls and expand her career opportunities. 

“I was working for an aircraft company when I started the Project Controls Training Institute and was wearing multiple hats in a hybrid role as part project manager, part business development and part client relations,” said Brooke.  “I had always been interested in project management/controls but in my role at the time, there was not a lot of knowledge to draw upon.” 

After meeting one of Management Solutions senior project managers while taking a class at University of Tennessee, Brooke was introduced to Project Controls Solutions and the Project Controls Training Institute.  

“I got so excited about it because all the classes I have taken in this field have all been very theory-based,” said Brooke. “While there is a lot of theory taught at Project Controls Solutions, it’s been refreshing to connect the dots with good theories, practical application and good methodologies within project management,” added Brooke. 

 For Brooke, she appreciated the theory being woven in with smaller practicum pieces giving her the ability to begin applying it on the job immediately.  

“One of my favorite things about this program is the ELITE® training which also includes one-on-one mentoring with a senior project controls subject matter expert”, added Brooke.  “This program also works well with my work schedule and I appreciate the flexible delivery method giving me the time to learn the information, bounce new ideas off my mentor and confidently apply those to my work.” 

With her training nearly complete, Brooke is already working as part of a project controls team on a multi-year contract with a large government entity in the South Texas region. While still in the mentoring phase of training, Brooke has found a satisfying new career and loves her job.