The Project Controls Virtual Expo highlighted many topics related to the services Management Solutions and Project Controls Solutions offers. The opportunity to continue our professional development through events like the expo allows us to gain experience in the industry to better serve our clients through the services we provide.  

The Expo Back-to-Basics zone hosted speakers offering their thoughts on the fundamentals of project controls disciplines, including elements such as planning and scheduling, scope management, dispute resolution and risk management. 

The Megaprojects zone showcased learning and experience from large-scale projects and programs valued at >$1 billion which generally requires years of developing and building to make a long-lasting impact on the economy, environment and society. Management Solutions, through our consulting and staff augmentation service offerings, contribute to some of the world’s largest projects and programs. The topics presented in this zone throughout the expo provided an excellent source of learning and continuous professional development for all our employees. 

Both zones highlighted the integration of digital construction in project controls. Digital construction is rapidly advancing. In the Masterclass zone, Management Solutions and our client Deloitte shared thoughts on the digital disruption that has been occurring in the Construction Industry around the world, and the impact these different digital innovations have on the project lifecycle.  

According to current stats, the global population is projected to increase from 7.7 billion in 2019 to 10.9 billion by the end of the century. With rapid population growth, demand for the residential construction sector has increased, and various governments around the world offer incentives for this sector to grow. Companies around the world are using BIM to optimize their residential construction operations, making this sector a viable growth opportunity for the BIM market. Technological advancements in forecasting and analytics, along with increased user awareness, are expected to be the main drivers of growth in this market. With the resultant increase in residential construction activity, in addition to the increases in global infrastructure spending, PWC research has indicated that global infrastructure annual spending will increase by over 100% to $9 trillion by 2025. 

Real-world situations and issues are what initiates project controls. The case study zone discussed the application of project controls and how global issues are addressed in a real project environment. Additionally, given the increase in infrastructure spending, the forensic analysis market is likely to rise as projects try to deliver against increasing demands to realize benefits at the earliest opportunity. The topic of forensic and delay analysis was very prevalent at the expo clearly demonstrating the need for good quality claims assessment. Management Solutions partnered with Deloitte to contribute to the case study zone sharing their decades of experience in the field of forensic analysis. The message was clear; avoid the long dispute process by tackling change, administering the contract, and forming effective relationships between contractor and client. 

 We are very proud of our ability to share our knowledge and experience through forums such as the expo which allows us to contribute to the growth and advancement of our industry. View our full list of services at