Implementations of project management offices or project management governance often have limited success due to a poor understanding not only of where the organization is starting but also of what they are trying to achieve with the implementation. The MSLLC Project Management 360 (PM360) Assessment and Recommendation Process was developed to address this problem. 

The process takes input from key stakeholders and: 

  • Effectively documents the current state of PM maturity in the organization. The state of PM in an organization is often over or underestimated by upper management. The process identifies current areas of strengths as well as weaknesses so the starting point and issues are understood by all stakeholders. 
  • Identifies the desired results of the implementation. The process aggregates information across stakeholders and identifies the key results desired as a result of the implementation. This will allow appropriate tailoring of recommended solutions to address key needs.
  • Prioritize implementation steps. The process will identify the results which will address the primary changes needed as a result of stakeholder evaluation. This will allow the development of an implementation plan which will provide the most impactful results on the front end. 
  • Forecast and track the anticipated ROI on the PM initiative. The return or value of PM can be difficult to assess. The process uses a projection of future state value as identified by the stakeholders compared against the current state value to determine the return. The return is periodically compared against the investment to date to validate ROI. 

Management Solutions has performed this assessment for many government and commercial companies and would love to help your organization as you continue on the journey to delivering project excellence.  Having quantifiable data that documents the starting point and the future desired state of project management within your organization, enables companies to have an agreed-upon roadmap and enables the organization to easily track and manage the ROI.