Writing is an essential skill for those in business. To have a good relationship with coworkers and bosses or to sell ideas and services requires us to communicate effectively. Many people think of writing as a work of art or talent that develops through experience, intuition and reading; however, the science of good writing is found to be more objective than many believe. Management Solutions and Project Controls Solutions spend a portion of our time writing proposals and other content for our clients. So how exactly do we go about generating excellent content for our audience and how does our writing benefit our clients? 

Good writing initiates a process in our brains known as the reward circuit. The reward circuit is a part of the brain that dopamine flows through releasing opioids that turn on reward hotspots. When we read well-executed writing, it makes us feel pleasure, makes us want to keep reading, and engages us! 

Here are our favorite tips for well-executed writing: 

  1. Simple 

“Keep it simple.” Although basic, simplicity allows the brain “processing fluency” to increase. Things like short sentences, familiarity, and conciseness allow the reader to understand the meaning. 

  1. Specificity 

Using vivid, palpable language allows your readers to appreciate the writing more. Another way to be specific is to give readers a memorable short and freeze to help them retain your message. 

  1. Surprise 

As readers, we tend to guess the next word and every line of text because our brains are wired to make predictions. Surprise allows our message to stick with the reader and helps them to learn and retain information. 

  1. Stirring language 

Many feel that persuading with logic is the best option but it’s not. Connect with your readers emotionally. When writing your next memo or proposal, consider using words that package feeling and thought together. Instead of saying, “challenge the competition,” use “outwit rivals.” 

  1. Seductiveness 

Human nature is wired to savor the anticipation. Think about it, are you happier planning a vacation or after you’ve taken the vacation? You can build up the same sort of excitement when you structure your writing. Explain your product development as solving a mystery. 

  1. Smart thinking 

Giving people an “aha” moment is a way to make people feel smart. How do you do this? Drawing fresh distinctions is one way, and another strategy is to phrase a pragmatic message that invokes a perennial, universal truth to begin by defining reality. 

  1. Social content 

Our brains crave human connection, even when we read. When writing, think about voice, worldview, vocabulary, where syntax, poetic rhythm and sensibilities. Another simple trick for engaging readers is to use the second person (“you”), as I’ve done in this blog. 

  1. Storytelling 

Very few things in writing beat a good anecdote. Stories allow a reader’s brain to engage in the neural effect, and by using stories in your writing favorable impression of the pictures for proposals or projects allows for more credibility and legitimacy. 

Management Solutions and Project Controls Solutions focus on delivering effective and efficient services to serve our clients. We continually seek ways to enable our staff to improve their writing through events like our internal Lunch & Learns. Recently, we learned about cohesive internal and external branding and good editing tips for clean writing on our social media profiles. The main topic recently covered how to have effective presentation skills while maintaining a professional reputation so we can continue to serve our clients in the most professional way possible!